Book Cover Design by Armen Kojoyian

Armen Kojoyian Design

Your book cover resource of compelling book cover designs and graphics created by Armen Kojoyian a designer of limitless creativity. Armen’s unique style of image creation merged with organic graphic design approaches supported by dynamic type solutions brand a clients conceptual message, achieving marketplace objectives. Armen’s ability to distill each assignments visual language of graphic symbols down to their core essence will succeed in stirring a visceral response in your intended audience encouraging them to be captured by an engaging book cover.

Armen’s graphic design versatility will turn the old adage “you can’t tell a book by its cover” to one that boasts “you will be able to tell a book by its cover”.  Experience and knowledge from a multitude of publishing disciplines comprise a comprehensive portfolio showing the diversity of Armen’s work for K-12, College, Professional, and Trade markets of the publishing industry.

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